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AQUANEO, TECHNA's aquaculture brand

AQUANEO and the TECHNA Group

The TECHNA Group’s experts have been exercising their craft in the field of land animal nutrition since 1964. Upon founding AQUANEO in 2004, the TECHNA Group tried their hand at something new by aiming to provide practical, innovative and reliable solutions to actors in the aquatic production sector.

AQUANEO’s task has consisted in blending the TECHNA Group’s expertise in animal production, nutrition, and feed formulation, with the skills of aquaculture experts to address the technical, economic and environmental issues of aquaculture.


AQUA TECHNA main office"Allowing players in the aquaculture industry to improve their competitiveness" is AQUANEO’s foremost vocation. The TECHNA Group’s subsidiary provides feed manufacturers, as well as fish and shrimp breeders, with customized product and services solutions. Their goals are to optimize aquatic animals’ nutrition, to improve their productivity, to reduce their mortality and to sustain the natural production of ponds.

AQUANEO has honed its approaches around many areas of already proven expertise: knowledge of raw materials, matrix expertise, assessment of animals’ needs, formulation of fish and shrimp feed, manufacturing follow-up, raw materials and feed quality control plans, monitoring of performances, evolution of technology and farming conditions.


AQUA TECHNA production siteThe formulation and optimization of aquaculture feed requires hands-on and genuine know-how. Through field experience, academic partnerships and bibliographic research, AQUANEO has managed to define nutritional norms for each aquaculture species: proportion of proteins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, digestible energy. For each of these specifications constraints such as appearance, feed particule size, buoyancy, stability, altered vitamins are considered, allowing for optimal processing and stability of feed.


AQUANEO‘s challenge lies in meeting both the technical and economic constraints of feed manufacturers and farmers while respecting the environment.This scheme centers on four key-areas:

  • Improvement of feed digestibility,
  • Optimized growth and performance,
  • Management of sanitary risks,
  • Control of mycotoxins.


AQUANEO designs a range of fish and shrimp products from A to Z: from premix to additive solutions and nutritional specialties.
Our leading products for feed manufacturers include:

  • AquavianceAQUAVIANCE: optimizes performance.
  • ECONOMIX: reduces the cost of formulation while maintaining performance.
  • IMMUTECH: helps reduce stress.
  • VITALPROTECT: helps manage mycotoxin risk.

Our nutritional specialties for fish farmers include:

  • EconomixPERFOSTIM: probiotics selected to promote growth and reduce mortality.
  • CALCI-S: strengthens shrimp shells.
  • HEPATOFISH: stimulates liver function in farmed fish.
  • VITATECH-S&F: balanced blend of vitamins and minerals 



To help aquaculture businesses achieve their production targets, AQUANEO also dispenses various methods and services to improve nutrition and productivity:

  • Aquafeed FormulationAssistance in the feed formulation process (dedicated formulation matrix, possibility of developing formulation for specific feeds in line with our Blackbox Tool), depending on the local conditions  of each country.
  • Nutritional advice in choosing raw materials.
  • Design of appropriate nutrition programs.
  • Analysis of raw materials and finished products made by our dedicated laboratory (NIR, enzymes ...).
  • Training programs on various nutritional topics (product formulation software, power program).
  • Quality control plans.
  • Dedicated optimization software.


A worldwide distribution of AQUANEO’s products

AQUANEO specializes in the three major areas of Aquaculture - marine fish, shellfish and freshwater fish - and sells its products directly or via its distributors worldwide. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Products and Services


Get enhanced performance in fish and shrimp farming by using AQUAVIANCE. AQUAVIANCE's rational composition, blends aromatic plants extracts with protected essential oils and prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides).


    ECONOMIX is an additive solution that improves protein digestibilty of feed for fish and shrimp. ECONOMIX improves the nutritional value of your feed and helps you save on your feed costs.