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APA19 : Zoom on protein sparing in feed as well as fish and shrimp gut microflora

APA19 (June 19-21) is a major event to find out about the latest international trends in aquaculture. AQUANEO® experts will be on site, in Chennai, India to present their products designed to reduce feed costs and sanitary issues in fish and shrimp farms.

APA19, an international forum to pool knowledge among aquaculture experts

AQUANEO®  specialists will be attending the upcoming Asian Pacific Aquaculture-2019. This trade show will be held on June 19th-21th, at the Chennai Trade Center (CTC), India.

Considering that 13 million tonnes of fish is the 2030 projected yield in India (according to the Food and Agriculture Organization), the challenges facing Indian aquaculture are huge, and APA19 will be an occasion to find potential solutions to these issues. The three-day event will showcase the latest services, instruments and equipment for aquaculture management with a view to more sustainable practices.

Feed costs and microflora balance at the core of profitable aquaculture

In aquaculture, the feed accounts for more than 70% of costs. Due to frequent tensions on the fish feed market (scarcity of fishmeal, volatile raw material costs), feeding costs will most likely increase in the coming years. It is therefore necessary for fish and shrimp feed millers to minimize these costs to achieve profitability. With this in mind, Economix® can be used to help replace fishmeal and save on protein which is the most expensive component of the fish diet.

In this unstable context, it is also necessary to pay close attention to performance levels and sanitary issues in fish and shrimp farms. An important element in securing fish and shrimp performance and health is to ensure the best possible balance of the intestinal flora, thus reducing pathogens and optimizing growth performance.  Aquaviance® achieves this through the synergistic action of essential oils and prebiotics.

If you are an aquaculture feed miller or farmer and looking for products that can help you overcome these challenges successfully, contact us! We also propose a whole range of other services in aquafeed formulation and fish and shrimp nutrition to allow you to become more competitive.

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Get enhanced performance in fish and shrimp farming by using AQUAVIANCE. AQUAVIANCE's rational composition, blends aromatic plants extracts with protected essential oils and prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides).


ECONOMIX is an additive solution that improves protein digestibilty of feed for fish and shrimp. ECONOMIX improves the nutritional value of your feed and helps you save on your feed costs.