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AQUA TECHNA attends AQUA 2018

As a historical aquaculture player, France will host the next AQUA 2018 event, which will be taking place in a few days in the historic city of Montpellier at the heart of Occitanie. Of course, AQUA TECHNA experts will be onsite, in their homeland, to present their innovative products for optimizing fish performance.

#We R Aquaculture, the whole aquaculture world mobilizing expertise at AQUA 2018

This year, the French city of Montpellier will be hosting the aquaculture world at the WAS trade show from August 25th to August 29th. Held every six years, this event is co-organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) and the World Aqua Society (WAS).

The choice to have this year’s WAS take place in France is not meaningless: this country is a historical player in Aquaculture with cutting edge research led by several institutes such as INRA, IFREMER, CIRAD, or private ones.

It is also renowned for its quality genetics and seeds of trout and marine fish seabass and seabream. It will bring people from all around the world to highlight the latest innovations and findings of the sector. Among all the topics that will be discussed throughout these four days, a focus will be made on nutrition and health.

Spotlight on nutritional & alternative products to fish meal

A part of AQUA TECHNA’s international team of experts will be attending the trade show as visitors and can be contacted for any question pertaining to the improvement of fish performance.

Aquaviance®, AQUA TECHNA’s flagship product contributes to a good balance of intestinal flora of fish and shrimp through the synergistic action of essential oils and prebiotics. On the nutrition side, Economix® can be used to help replace fishmeal and save on protein, which are two main budget items of fish feed. It is based on the ideal protein concept. Our experts will be available to explain to you how Economix® can be applied to your specific context.

If you would like to find out how you can improve fish and shrimp performance in a sustainable and cost-effective way, just make an appointment with our experts! They will be available anytime from August 27-29th to see how these solutions and their technical assistance can help to make the most of your production context.

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Get enhanced performance in fish and shrimp farming by using AQUAVIANCE. AQUAVIANCE's rational composition, blends aromatic plants extracts with protected essential oils and prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides).


ECONOMIX is an additive solution that improves protein digestibilty of feed for fish and shrimp. ECONOMIX improves the nutritional value of your feed and helps you save on your feed costs.