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Aquaviance Garners Success at the World Aquaculture 2015

The latest WAS, which recently took place in South Korea, provided Aquatechna with the opportunity to publish the results from the trials of Aquaviance on olive flounder. This research project was conducted in partnership with Jeju National University.

The World Aquaculture Society’s congress took place in Jeju, South Korea from May 26th-29th. This trade show which occurs every two years in a different country, allows researchers and industrialists from around the world to meet and discuss the latest findings in all areas of aquaculture.
During this major event, AQUA TECHNA unveiled the results of Aquaviance’s testing on olive flounder, a prominent species in South Korea. This experiment, presented as part of a seminar on nutrition and feed, was undertaken by a student, Kim Min-gi, in partnership with Jeju National University. His research thesis is entitled EFFECTS OF DIETARY SUPPLEMENTATION OF AQUAVIANCE ON GROWTH PERFORMANCE, FEED UTILIZATION AND INNATE IMMUNITY OF JUVENILE OLIVE FLOUNDER Paralichthys olivaceus. More than one hundred people attended Kim Min-gi’s presentation on May 28th. This work was supervised by Professor Jun-Kyeong Lee, Jeju National University’s Director of Research and Aquaculture Development.

Aquatechna at the WAS 2015
AQUA TECHNA's team with its Korean academic
and commercial partners at the WAS 2015

Dr Lee highlighted the positive results obtained from Aquaviance during this trial: improved growth performance, decreased feed conversion and a better digestibility of protein.These findings have again confirmed Aquaviance’s particular efficiency on an increasing number of aquatic species. After successful outcomes on shrimp, bass, bream, trout, catfish and tilapia, we now also have proof that olive flounder performance can benefit from this solution.
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