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AQUA TECHNA launches a growth-monitoring trial on European sea bass in partnership with Guérande High School

The European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) along with the sea bream, is one of the most common fish farmed in the Mediterranean basin. In order to test the effect of a specific feed additive on sea bass’ growth performance, AQUA TECHNA is about to launch a joint trial with a Vocational High School located in Guérande.


Improved feed efficiency for farmed sea bass

Sea bass along with the sea bream is the main marine fish reared in the Mediterranean. Marine fish account for a major part of AQUA TECHNA’s activity. Our wish is to develop more efficient and reliable products for our customers whether they are fish farmers or feed millers. Our goal is to keep improving the profitability of farms by finding out solutions that improve feed utilization by sea bass. Feed often makes up the main item on the budget of fish farms. Improved feed efficiency thus ensures fish farmers a better return on investment.

A growth trial involving 1500 farmed European sea bass

AQUA TECHNA relies on skilled and recognized professionals to develop its products and its expertise. Considering these assets, we have recently begun working on a joint project with Olivier Guichard Vocational High School in Guérande (France).

This High School provides facilities suited to applied research in aquaculture. The trial will be monitored by a local High School team.  The site of Pen Bron is dedicated to marine aquaculture.  It has been hosting around 1500 sea bass juvenile for a few days. So far, these fish have managed to adjust to their new living conditions, as initially planned. The trial should be starting in a few days. It will last for about sixty days.

Trial feed growth farmed sea bass   Trial growth farmed sea bass

The objective of this first collaboration is to test the efficacy of our new additive solutions on fish growth performance: evolution of biomass over time, weight gain, feed conversion ratio and survival rates. This in vivo experiment is an essential step in the validation process of our products. Our partnership with independent facilities ensures the most reliable and objective results.


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