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Liquid products: AQUA TECHNA launches a new range

We are dedicated to optimizing the work of our customers, fish farmers, shrimp farmers or feed millers. To this end, AQUA TECHNA launches a new range of liquid specialties ready to use and easier to use.Monodon shrimp farming

These new liquid products offer an appropriate response to our customers' needs. These products do not require mixing so they are ready to use.

Their liquid form makes them easier to use. Our customers also include feed mills, along with fish and shrimp farms where the following species are reared : sea bass, sea bream, tilapia, trout or white shrimp, monodon etc.

Shrimp: stress and digestion

The first two products in this liquid range are CALCI-S and AQUA DETOX. CALCI-S is designed to help the shrimp's organism recover from stress during molting. AQUADETOX supports shrimp’s hepatopancreas. Both products are intended for shellfish farmers (white shrimp or monodon for example).

AQUA TECHNA wishes is to constantly improve this range. Our challenge lies in finding the best solutions to meet your needs.

Our experts are here to help you. If you want to test our liquid products or suggest the development of a new product, please contact our experts!

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Molting is a critical period in the lives of crustaceans AQUATECHNA has developed CALCI-S to help shrimp recover after shedding.