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AQUANEO®, TECHNA's new brand dedicated to aquaculture

In 2019, AQUA TECHNA has become AQUANEO®, TECHNA’s 100% aquaculture dedicated in France and abroad. This new image reflects AQUANEO®’s commitment to  better address the challenges facing today’s agri-food industry, focusing on three main pillars: optimising fish and shrimps’ nutrition, increasing animals’ viability, improving productivity.

AQUANEO®, the 100% aquaculture-dedicated brand from TECHNA Group

For nearly 15 years, TECHNA has been helping aquaculture industry players to improve their productivity and competitiveness.

In 2019, AQUA TECHNA has become AQUANEO®, the new brand representing TECHNA aquaculture activities. This evolution is aimed at prolonging the offer and the special relationship we have with our customers. it also reflects the development ambitions of TECHNA in terms of aquaculture.

AQUANEO offers “product and services’ solutions with a view to optimise fish and shrimps’ nutrition, increase animals’ viability and improve productivity. These are intended for aqua feed millers, fish and shrimp farmers and are adapted for different production contexts.

The products dedicated to fish and shrimp - premix, additive solutions, nutritional specialties - are designed from A to Z by AQUANEO® experts.

Made in France and subject to permanent validation, these are distributed worldwide, through direct sales or via our distributors.

A rigorous process of analysis, design and validation applied to aquaculture

These solutions are part of an iterative process of analysis, design and validation, and are subject to genuine personalized follow-up.

Knowledge of raw materials and matrix expertise are the pillars to AQUANEO® approach. This is enriched by the assessment of animal requirements and the ensuing feed formulation.

Technico-economic optimization, manufacturing monitoring, implementation of adapted quality control plans and performance monitoring are also an integral part of this process.

The overall objective is to improve nutrition, the productivity of aquaculture feed millers  and farmers in order to support their development.

For more info: Read TECHNA press release: TECHNA reorganizes its brands to better meet the challenges of the agri-food sectors

Our Products and Services


Get enhanced performance in fish and shrimp farming by using AQUAVIANCE. AQUAVIANCE's rational composition, blends aromatic plants extracts with protected essential oils and prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides).


ECONOMIX is an additive solution that improves protein digestibilty of feed for fish and shrimp. ECONOMIX improves the nutritional value of your feed and helps you save on your feed costs.