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An overview of the current state of parasite pressure in French rainbow trout farms

AQUA TECHNA presented the results of its online survey on parasitism in French rainbow trout farms during the 5th session of the Days of Aquaculture Research (JRFP) in Paris. According to the survey, parasitism is a major issue for 50% of the respondents.

Health in aquaculture: a major issue of this event

The Days of Aquaculture Research (JRFP) took place in Paris July 5-6, 2016. This conference aims to promote exchanges between public and private aquaculture actors in France. It tackles, among other topics, nutrition, breeding systems, genetics and reproduction. This event provided AQUA TECHNA with the opportunity to share the results of its recent survey on parasitism in French rainbow trout farms. Online access to the survey questionnaire will later be expanded to several foreign countries. The results will allow us to gain insights into the extent of parasitic pressure in trout farms.

A survey on parasite pressure in farmed rainbow trout

Rainbow trout parasites chartRepeated requests from our customers drew us to undertake more research on the current situation of parasitism in France and abroad. The results of this survey will provide a better grasp of the situation. Our goal is to understand more accurately the problems faced by farmers in order to craft solutions tailored to their specific needs. This allows us to refine our research for feed additives that can contribute to the management of parasite risks.

Within the framework of this survey, parasitism turned out to be a worry for 51% of interviewed farmers. The most concerning parasites were said to be Costia, Gyrodactyles and Ichthyophthirius. Their presence mainly results in problems relating to performance decrease, death and treatment costs. Generally, farmers appeared to be deeply interested in this issue. The high number of feedbacks we received and the quality of information provided by respondents will eventually result in a thorough overview of the current situation. Our survey confirms that the management of parasitism is complex, only a few solutions are currently available to address this issue.


If you want to know more about the existing solutions for controlling parasite pressure, or to have more details on the results of this study, please contact our experts. We can also advise about our products or provide customized follow-up depending on your needs or your customers’ requests.


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