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Viv'Asia 2019: Gut microbiota and protein sparing at the crux

There are many reasons to visit VIV’Asia 2019. A good one will be to learn how aqua feed millers and farmers can spare on protein and increase their profit margins. Find out more about Aquaneo’s key sustainable formulation methods & products by visiting our experts at Hall 104 Booth 1631.  

VIV Asia 2019, a major ‘hub’ for aquaculture development

aquaneo techna aquaculture at viv asia bangkok 2019 fairVIV Asia will be taking place in Bangkok March 13-15, 2019. This is the place where animal protein industry executives from throughout the Asian region will meet experienced and reliable suppliers with whom they can develop lasting partnerships. Aquaculture will receive special treatment at this year’s edition as the exhibition space reserved for aquaculture has almost doubled & two large-scale conferences dedicated to this topic will be held this year.

As for Aquaneo, its experts will be exhibiting for the 3rd time to present their efficient and cost-effective products for maximizing fish and shrimp performance.

Gut Microbiota & Protein at the core of profitable aquaculture operations

No need to recall that worldwide fish stocks have thinned out dramatically and farmed fish is now more consumed than wild fish. FAO has labelled Asia as a “major actor” for the quantity and potential of marine aquaculture. Yet, the potential of large-scale South East Asian projects targeting local as well as export markets is still impeded by the predominance of small family fish farms and the lack of technical local expertise.

In this context, Aquaneo’s experts will promote two special solutions which can potentially help any fish and shrimp farmer increase their production potential. Aquaviance®, AQUANEO’s flagship product contributes to a good balance of intestinal flora of fish and shrimp through the synergistic action of essential oils and prebiotics. On the nutrition side, Economix® can be used to help replace fishmeal and save on protein, which are two main items on the budget of fish feed.

Our experts will be available in Bangkok from March 13-15 to explain how you could acquire more expertise in feed technology and help impulse new dynamics for the future of Asian aquaculture.

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Get enhanced performance in fish and shrimp farming by using AQUAVIANCE. AQUAVIANCE's rational composition, blends aromatic plants extracts with protected essential oils and prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides).


ECONOMIX is an additive solution that improves protein digestibilty of feed for fish and shrimp. ECONOMIX improves the nutritional value of your feed and helps you save on your feed costs.