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White shrimp (Penaeus vannamei): AQUATECHNA provides assistance to customers’ concerns during yearly visit to Ecuador

In addition to being the main producer and exporter of shrimp in the Americas, Ecuador is the  birthplace of the white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei). It is also one of the main market where AQUA TECHNA has established its presence for more than ten years. We recently undertook our yearly technical tour in this country.  This year, our discussions mostly revolved around white shrimps’ growth performance and the evolution of their sanitary conditions.

The goal of this tour was to share and pool expertise with our local Ecuadorian partners and their customers, who are mostly farmers. AQUA TECHNA holds every year two or three technical meetings of this kind. This year’s session consisted of farm visits, of meetings with local engineers and technicians as well as several of conferences about additives used in shrimp farming.

The farming of the white shrimp in Ecuador

With an annual production of over 200,000 tonnes of white shrimps, mostly intended for exportation, Ecuador is by far the largest producer of shrimps in the Americas. There, shrimps are usually reared in semi intensive systems with yields that do not exceed 2 tonnes per hectare per cycle. These relatively low stocking densities allow for the containment of disease outbreaks; this also makes it easier for farmers to manage their livestock properly.

The control of water parameters and feed quality are at the core of farmers’ concerns. The choice to resort to feed additives depends on the sanitary context of each pond as well as on the farming objectives sought. This is why AQUA TECHNA has been assisting farmers with products that can be used directly on the field.  Our products are particularly appreciated for their ability to provide a favorable environment for animals’ development.

shrimp farm ecuador

Convincing results obtained with feed additives

During our visit to Ecuador, our most recurring discussions focused on animal growth performance and their changing sanitary environment. Therefore we were able to understand more about the way shrimp farmers use our products, about their needs and requests. These kinds of exchanges allow us to constantly craft and adjust our solutions to current issues.

We were also led to collect accurate data relating to the improvement of our product performance in shrimp farming. In this context, the results obtained from different trials were explored and analyzed; the conclusion was that they were very satisfying.

Whether you are a shrimp farmer, a nutritionist, a feed consultant or feed manufacturers, we invite you to contact us if you want more information on our topics of research, on our solutions as well as on any of our products for farmers and feed millers.

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PERFOSTIM is AQUANEO's probiotic solution. It is based on a unique probiotic strain enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. PERFOSTIM is used by many farmers around the world to support fish and shrimp growth. PERFOSTIM is designed to be used in farms.


Molting is a critical period in the lives of crustaceans AQUATECHNA has developed CALCI-S to help shrimp recover after shedding.


Fighting against stress is an everyday concern on fish and shrimp farms. IMMUTECH is designed to provide fish and shrimp with essential elements to help them face stressful events.