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2016 SPACE international livestock trade fair: AQUA TECHNA takes part in a conference dedicated to aquaculture

As part of the SPACE 2016, AQUA TECHNA will give a presentation during the technical conference dedicated to the French offer in aquaculture. The SPACE international livestock trade fair will be taking place in Rennes (France), September 13-16.

Conference: Innovative solutions for Aquaculture

Aquaculture projects feed service companyThis conference is mainly dedicated to international visitors who will be attending this year’s SPACE edition. Its goal is to present the French know-how in aquaculture project support. Presentations will focus on three themes: reproduction, feed and systems.

Throughout six presentations, various companies that have been specially selected for the event will demonstrate the efficiency of their solutions. Special emphasis will be placed on practical examples and recent achievements. Here is a glimpse of the afternoon program:

  • French expertise from the domestication to the genomic selection of aquaculture species.
  • Innovative solutions for reproduction management in aquaculture.
  • Working with a feed service company for the development of your aquaculture projects: advantages and examples of recent successes (AQUA TECHNA).
  • Benefits of using an algo-clay based biocatalyst to reduce fishmeal inclusion in aquafeeds.
  • Imported extruded aquafeed: added value for catfish and Tilapia farmers.
  • Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) technology: design principles.

Working with a feed service company for aquaculture projects development

During this conference at the SPACE, AQUA TECHNA will give a talk on the benefits that feed millers can find in collaborating with a unit of feed experts. Our presentation will highlight our expertise in nutrition and feed formulation. We will also show our ability to develop innovative and efficient additives. Based on some of our best successes, we will explain how we helped fish and shrimp farmers and feed millers improve their performance, diversify their production range or initiate the manufacturing of new feeds.



  • The conference will take place on Thursday 15th September, from 2.30 to 5.30 p.m., room G of the SPACE administrative center. Please confirm your participation by email.
  • AQUA TECHNA team will also be present on the TECHNA GROUP’s booth, hall 5, stand A10.


If you want to have more information about this event or about our services, please contact us.


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