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Rainbow trout: a new trial on growth performance

Aware of its customers' expectations, AQUA TECHNA’s experts are regularly involved in new trials to set up innovative solutions. The Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is the main fish raised in France and one of the most widespread aquaculture species in Europe. In March, our experts launched a joint trial on the growth performance of this species.


The Rainbow trout

The Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is one of the main species of fish farmed in Europe. In fact, it is currently the main species reared in France. For over 10 years, AQUA TECHNA has been assisting farmers and feed millers in their search for better growth performance. AQUA TECHNA is now looking to improve its expertise in the efficiency of additive solutions designed to enhance rainbow trout’s growth performance.  

Trial growth rainbow trout   Trial growth rainbow trout

A growth test on 1200 Rainbow trout

To run this experiment, AQUA TECHNA has been collaborating with professional researchers. Our joint experimental facilities are suited to host salmonids. These current trial conditions ensure to get reliable results. Based on these results, we will be able to develop products that meet the expectations of both fish farmers and feed millers.

The experimental station also allows for the testing of a large number of additive solutions to compare their effects on fish performance. A sample of over 1200 trout juvenile will be used for the purpose of this trial which is about to last for a month and a half. The goal is to have these fish triple their weight by the end of the trial period.

Our experts stand ready to provide answers to any question relating to our fields of expertise. If you wish to learn more about our research and development activities or the results of our product testing, please contact us.


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