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Nutrition and Feed Formulation

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Fish and shrimp feed formulation in aquaculture is designed to satisfy very specific nutritional needs. A supply of a suitable feed is essential for sustainable farming. Precision nutrition has been at the core of TECHNA Group’s expertise for more than fifty years. Therefore AQUANEO, TECHNA Group’s subsidiary dedicated to aquaculture, has naturally become a specialist in this complex discipline.
There are several reasons why feed for aquatic animals substantially differs from products for land animals (water feed distribution, cold-blooded nutrition of recently domesticated animal species...). These variables must be considered by the formulators and feed manufacturers in their feed processing. With all of this in mind, feed manufacturers at AQUANEO assist their customers in manufacturing feed for all species of aquaculture interest.

In this field, the TECHNA Group through its subsidiary brand AQUANEO, provides solutions in nutrition and feed formulation with the aim of improving the profitability of fish farms.
Feed formulation is undeniably a factor of profitability in aquaculture. The development and growth of aquaculture over recent years has fueled the increase in aquaculture feeds offered on the market. Given the large amount of products available, how should farmers choose the feed that can best meet the needs of their fish and improve their profitability? What are the most important factors to consider before choosing a feed?

Additionally, economic and environmental constraints have led nutritionists to find alternative compounds to fish meal in feeds for fish and shrimp. How can the share of plant ingredients in aquafeed be increased without degrading the growing performance of fish and shrimp?
In a clear and accessible format, this section focuses on the main current issues relevant to feed manufacturers and fish and shrimp breeders alike.