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Nutrition and Feed Formulation

Expert's take

Feed is typically the main budget item on most fish farms. Therefore, to improve the overall profitability of a fish farm, it is important to choose the feed best-suited for the type of farming applied. Articles in this section will focus on the major aspects to be considered when choosing a feed that most closely meets the nutrient needs of animals at each stage of growth or production.


For any species, knowledge of its nutritional needs at every stage of its growth is essential in ensuring the profitability of a fish farm. Compilations of experimental data and private companies’ efforts have provided detailed findings on animals’ nutritional needs. These have granted us the ability to set accurate feed formulation constraints related to a wide range of species. A thorough understanding of the feeding and nutrition habits of fish is indeed essential for reducing the waste resulting from fish’s ingested feed.


Shrimp are animals whose behavior is completely distinct from that of a fish. Some of these behavioral differences have a major impact on the formulation, processing and distribution of shrimp feed.   .