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Nutrition and Feed Formulation


Nutrition and Formulation in Shrimp Farming

Shrimp are animals whose behavior is very different from that of a fish. Some of these behavioral patterns directly affect the formulation, composition, manufacture and distribution of their feed intended.

This section addresses the major aspects that must be taken into account when formulating feed for farmed shrimp. It will provide extremely important basics to keep in mind while planning for efficient and sustainable shrimp feeding by answering these three questions:


  • What is the impact of shrimp behavior (nibbling action, slow feeding process) on the formulation and processing of shrimp feed?
  • Why are binders used in the composition of these feed?
  • What are the nutritional requirements of shrimp?

These topics apply to all farm types (semi intensive or intensive). Substantive issues regarding shrimp physiology, as well as the latest technical and scientific developments in crustaceansnutrition and feeding, will be updated regularly.