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Supports shrimp hepatopancreas.


Intensive feeding could have detrimental consequences on shrimp digestive system.

Cholesterol, Phospholipids and Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids are essential for Penaeus shrimps. Constant substitution of fish meal and fish oil in the feed make those essential nutrients less available for animals. In this context shrimp hepatopancreas is highly solicited.

AQUADETOX is based on aqueous extracts of turmeric and artichoke. Those plants have a complementary actions on fat metabolism.

AQUADETOX is obtained through the maceration of Cynara scolymus and Curcuma longa’s rhizome. This traditional and natural process allows the extraction of highly available components.

Direction For Use

Recommended incorporation rate: 5 liters of AQUADETOX per ton of feed.
For coating in farm, mix the product with pellets.
We recommend a daily use of AQUADETOX.


AQUADETOX is available in liquid form. 1 liter bottle.
Store in a cool dry place.

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