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A wide range of premixes and concentrates for fish and shrimps for feed millers’ use


Premixes are composed of vitamins and minerals. Raw materials do not provide vitamins in sufficient quantities to meet an animal’s requirements. Premixes are essential for optimizing growth, zootechnical performance and reproduction of fish and shrimps. Our premixes and concentrates provide the necessary micro-ingredients for fish and shrimps in the best welfare conditions.

These micronutrients must be provided at specific doses to ensure that there are no deficiencies nor poisoning. These are directly blended with the raw materials during the feed manufacturing stage. Our premixes and concentrates make an important contribution to a well balanced diet for animals. These are adapted to each stage of fish and shrimps’ growth.

Specific features

The handling of raw vitamins and minerals involves taking utmost precautions. These precautions can only be taken on dedicated industrial sites. This is because the chemical forms of these ingredients can lead to dangerous interactions if they are not fully controlled. And since premixes only require extremely thin quantities of microelements, ingredients must be very carefully measured when designing premixes.

This task must be tackled by dedicated professionals as they have the right equipment to guarantee an excellent mixing quality.The feed mills where premixes are designed must be provided with extremely accurate dispensing equipments and mixers which require regular maintenance.

The process of feed manufacturing (especially extrusion) can be damaging. It can result in denaturing or destroying the ingredients composing the premix. Therefore the choice of suitable ingredients is of crucial importance to manufacturing a quality premix.


Those premixes and concentrates contain EU registered feed additives but also vitamins, trace-elements, amino-acids, pigments, flavours, macro-minerals and other vegetal and mineral carriers.

Direction For Use

Premix and concentrates must be incorporated into the compound feed depending on label guidelines (from 0.05% to 5.0%).


Thin powder which allows for good homogeneity in compound feeds. In bags between 15 to 30kg (mostly in 25kg bags).

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