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Productivity and Performance in AquacultureAquaculture output has been boosted by the rising demand for seafood from consumers concerned about eating healthy and well-balanced diets. For professionals in the aquaculture sector, combining growth performance and farm profitability has become a major concern over recent years. To take on this challenge, they must constantly seek new ways for improving their rearing techniques while respecting stronger environmental, social and commercial constraints. In this context, how can an appropriate level of profitability be defined? Measuring performance levels in fish population requires that the farmers can use reliable indicators. These indicators shed light on any poor technical results and grant the ability to keep track of the corrective actions that have been taken. 

Several factors can negatively impact performance levels in fish farms. It is of the utmost importance to provide fish with optimal welfare to decrease the effects of stress. Stress has indeed a direct impact on performance outputs within fish farms. What are the major repercussions of stress on fish?

How can these risks be controlled at the farm level? Increasing farm yields also requires a global control of all production parameters. This section focuses on concrete aspects that allow for a better monitoring of animals’ health condition within farms. These will be relevant to farmers as well as to technicians and industrialists assisting them in the process of rationalization and sustainability.