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Improving Retention of Fat and Fat Soluble Compounds in Aquafeed


Emulsification of the lipids is a necessary step of fat digestion process. ACTILIP is a “state of the art” emulsifier. It is designed to enhance fat and fat soluble compounds digestion in aquatic species.
Its composition is based on the results of a comprehensive AQUATECHNA R&D program. The objective of this thorough work was to determine which combination of active substances is the most efficient in cold-blooded animal.
ACTILIP is adapted for various aquaculture species. It is extrusion resistant.

Direction For Use

ACTILIP is designed to be mixed at 1 kg per ton of feed. Depending on your feed formulation context, the incorporation rate can be increased up to 2 kg/t.


ACTILIP is presented in powder form. The product is available in 25 kg  plastic bags.
Store in a cool dry place.

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