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Shrimp Shell Quality and Osmotic Stress Control


Molting is a necessary step in crustaceans' growth. The molting cycle directly impacts the shrimp's body and behavior. The most critical period 

of the cycle is when the shrimp leaves its old cuticle and starts hardening the new one. At this point, it needs to draw on its reserve to strengthen its new shell. The soft shell period implies a higher sensitivity to pathogens.

At the same time, the shrimp absorbs a large amount of water to expand its new cuticle. This causes an osmotic shock (dilution of the body fluids).

  • CALCI-S is designed to help the shrimp's organism recover from stress. This product contains nutrients that will help shrimp harden their shell and face the osmotic stress. 
  • CALCI-S contains essential minerals, vitamins and osmoprotectant.

Calci-S supplementation supports shrimp growth aquafeed performance

Direction For Use

CALCI-S must be used on a 5 kg per ton of feed basis. The product should be mixed with the feed (on the farm or during feed manufacturing).

Apply CALCI-S one week before the molting occurs.


CALCI-S is presented in powder form. The product is available in 25 kg plastic bags.
Store in a cool dry place.

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