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Aquafeed Protein Digestibility Enhancer


Protein is now the major budget item in aquafeed. Fish meal prices have considerably increased over the past years. With ECONOMIX, you can reduce the share of fish meal in your feed without taking any risk. ECONOMIX is based on the ideal protein concept.

Economix Improves weight Gain for fish and shrimpECONOMIX has proven its efficiency in many different species (European Sea Bream, European Sea Bass, Trout, Salmon, Shrimps, Tilapia...).

With Economix, you maintain or improve the nutritional value of your feed, and save on your feed costs!


* Economix is not marketable in the European Union 

Direction For Use

Recommended incorporation rate: 2 kg ECONOMIX per ton of feed.
Feed formulation study of ECONOMIX is possible upon request.


ECONOMIX is presented in powder form. It is available in 25 kg plastic bags.
Store in a cool dry place.

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