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Cost Effective Toxin Binder


vitalprotect aquaneo product mycotoxin fish and shrimpsMycotoxins affect the health and growth performance of farmed fish and shrimp. Such toxins are often present in aquafeed especially in tropical and semi tropical countries where high temperature and moisture are conducive to fungus development.

To limit the  deleterious effects of toxins, feed millers can use binders. Those products have the ability to capture toxins before fish and shrimp absorb them.

VITALPROTECT is a toxin binder composed of three complementary ingredients: Natural Zeolite, Selected Wood Charcoal and Yeast Extracts. Its formula is fully compatible with granulation and extrusion processes.

Direction For Use

VITALPROTECT dosage has to be adapted to the level of mycotoxin pressure. Depending on the context, VITALPROTECT can be used between 1 and 3 kg per ton of feed.


VITALPROTECT is presented in powder form and is available in 20 kg plastic bags.
Store in a cool dry place.

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