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Vitamins and mineral cocktail to boost animals


VITATECH is an additive solution that provide extra vitamins and minerals to shrimp when requiered for specific periods or events.

Although vitamins concentration are quite low in feed, they are essentials to numerous metabolic functions of shrimp.

  • Vitamin C, E and sélénium, are usefull in handling oxydative stress due to changes in farm conditions or pathologies.
  • Vitamin A is involved in mucus production, first barrier against pathogens and external threats.
  • Folic Acid plays a role in biosynthesis of nucleotides forming ARN and ADN.

Beside well known interest of calcium in shell formation or role of copper in oxygen transportation, minerals have many other functions. Like participating as cofactors in enzimatic reaction (Copper, Zinc).

VITATECH is an original additive solution that can be used in feed. It is directly incorporated after grinding together with the other additives.

VITATECH can also be applied daily and directly by the farmer on top of the feed. To do this, mix VITATECH with clear water or quality fish oil then spray the mix on the feed. Use the preparation within 24 to 48h maximum

Direction For Use

10 kg VITATECH-S per ton of feed (1%).


VITATECH-S is presented in powder form. It is available in 25 kg plastic bags.
Store in a cool dry place.

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