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Sanitary Risk Management

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Health and Aqua Feed AnalysisDiseases are one of the major hurdles to the sustainable development of an aquaculture enterprise. Whatever their origin (feed, pathogen presence, problem with water quality, and so on), these diseases are likely to strongly impact a farm’s profitability, and may result in substantial economic losses.  The means to treat and prevent these diseases have been progressively refined as the aquaculture sector has become more structured. In terms of sustainability and marketing, new imperatives have led more and more farmers to question their strategy regarding disease prevention and treatment. Limiting the use of antibiotics or potentially toxic chemicals (formalin, malachite green, and so on) is currently among the best known ways to deal with these issues. AQUANEO assists farmers and feed manufacturers with their constant search for reliable and sustainable methods of efficiently preventing the emergence and spread of sanitary problems. If they are not handled in due time, these diseases are likely to impede the profitability of fish farms.

These regularly updated articles cover both perennial issues and ongoing topics faced by our customers, providing readers with concrete and reliable information. By combining scientific and technical information, we present the different pathologies encountered in farms, the fundamentals of biosecurity and prophylaxis, and the recent results of research. Special emphasis has been put on the format of these articles in order to ensure that they are easily accessible and understood, even by those without prior knowledge.